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Covid-19, or better known as Corona, needs no more explanation I think. Worldwide, everyone is affected by this virus. Restaurants are closed, flights are cancelled and strict restrictions are introduced. One of those new rules is that also gyms have to close down for a period. However, no need to worry!

Doing a work out at home is quite easy. For those who are used to mostly lifting weights, it might be a bit harder to switch to this (temporarily) way of working out, nevertheless, it won't lower your fitness level.

Here are some benefits of doing a home workout;

  1. It is cheaper. You don't have to pay for a membership card and you can almost use everything in your house as gym equipment (water bottles, bed, night table, couch, ...)

  2. Better balance and flexibility. It improves your core muscles and also the strength in your limbs. It is also better for your posture, since you have a higher chance of using a wrong posture with weights when you are getting tired but still want to finish your rep.

  3. Control and variety. You are completely in control of your routine. Are you a morning person and want to do it before the sun is up or do you prefer to do it at midnight? Everything is possible! It's also easy to switch up your routine.

  4. Anywhere. Once you are used to doing home workouts, you can also easily start doing on vacation in hotels as well. Or you just take a break from working out (if you can 😉)

  5. Keeping it lean. The short bursts of exercises help you maintain your weight or even losing some than long cardio sessions. The result? A lean, strong and healthy body.

How to start?

After reading all these benefits, you might want to start straight ahead. But wait, what kind of exercises can you do?

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