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Another week, another personal blog. Since next week Lis(t)a Coaching will be organising its first VIRTUAL race, I though it would be a good idea to write a blog with some tips from my own experience. Don't want to go running into the bushes looking for a loo, keep on reading then!

The Night run in Antwerp of 2013, my first competition run. Actually it was just an idea of my dad, because his job sponsored this run, to participate. Nonetheless, we had a lot of fun during those 8K in the dark. Not so many tips to give about this run, nor about the next one I participated in (Antwerp Urban Trail), but after them it was time for real business; THE Antwerp 10 Miles.

I had already noticed that I had to go to the loo (for number 2) quite often during or after running. Consequently, I decided to stop eating a lot of veggies and fruits form Thursday onwards until Raceday. My meals mostly consisted of rice, pasta and white bread. I thought that I really needed this carb loading. Bull-shit. During my first 10-Miles, I didn't have to go to the loo, luckily, but my body didn't feel quite as happy with the diet I followed back then.

I was 16y back then and ran a time of 1:18 (avg pace 12,24 km/h).

Now, some years later, I have fine-tuned my competition prep and I am happy to share some tips that work well for me;

- SLEEP PLENTY. Go to bed earlier and take more rest during the day, if this is possible.

- DRINK PLENTY. No, not alcohol. Water is your best friend. Not just for (1/2) marathons, but for everything above 16K, you should try to drink 2 days before your race more water. Your body will happily absorb this and this will be shown in your finish time.

- SKIP THE HIGH FIBRE VEGGIES. Not all veggies. At least for me this doesn't work. I need them to feel fuelled. However, some I avoid. This again is something you should try to figure out, which works for you. One rule of thumb; try this in advance and don't skip all the veggies. Just lower your portion sizes slightly.

- EAT PASTA RUN FASTA. Or other carbs. It has been proven that a higher carb intake can help you, since it will be stored in your muscles in the form of glycogen. However, lets not make it too complicated. Not only pasta, but also rice is a good option. Start with this a few days in advance, because your muscles won't be filled with one meal. My personal routine; pancakes with sugar the night before a race. Highly recommended, if you don't make it too fatty.

That's it for my personal tips, if you have any and would like to share them, please leave a comment or reach out to me so I can insert them (and give you the credits of course).

Enjoy next weeks 'race'!

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