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Many people have problems with finding a routine to fill their day during these quarantaine days. Below I have listed some general tips and also how my general daily routine looks like. Want to know more? Continue reading!

General tips

  1. Ambitious; don't try to put too much into one day. Make a to-do list of things you want/ need to do and try to work through this. Your day still counts only 24h of which you also need to sleep, eat, shower, cook, ...

  2. Sleep; I can't express this enough. These days are not normal and consequently can put a lot of (sub)conscious stress on our body. What can help is taking a siesta during the day (not longer than one hour). It has been proven that doing this is actually very good for your health. Therefore, people in Spain generally live longer. Another tip is don't go to bed too late. Your body needs its sleep to recover and process all the things (and bad news) that you have gathered during the day.

  3. Eat your rainbow; you will probably think, there she is again with her rainbow. Well, yes. Because this is very important. Ensuring that your body has a good vitamin intake requires eating a lot of different foods. Every colour has its benefits and therefore a rainbow on your plate is a good start.

  4. Family and friends; try to call your grandpa/ma at least once a week to check on them. This only takes 5 minutes, but for them it makes a huge difference. Also stay in contact with your friends. They are going through the same as you and "better together" is actually very true.

5. Go outside; in Belgium we are still allowed to go outside ONLY for physical activity such as walking, running or cycling. PLEASE do this! However, don't misuses this opportunity to meet up with friends or to hold a picknick in a park, because this is NOT what the rule entails.

My (general) daily routine

* DO NOT COPY THIS! This is what works best for me, but everybody else has different needs.

8am; I wake up and check my Instagram/ Whatsapp for missed messages

9am; I make myself a nutritious breakfast. This can be either savoury or sweet, depends on my mood that morning.

9:30am; I start working for my internship, which is still continuing.

11am; Running time, woop woop!

1pm; Lunch! Eating my veggies and refuelling after my run.

2pm; Working again, either for FIT (my internship) or Lis(t)a Coaching.

4pm; Snack time! More about this in another post.

6pm; Preparing (rainbow) dinner

7pm; After dinner walk, because for me it really helps digesting my food.

8pm; Working a little bit more or following an online course.

10pm; Nighty nighty, 30min of reading and then I am done for the day.

So, I hope this has helped you a little bit to find some inspiration for the (hopefully not) coming weeks. If you have any questions or doubts, you can also contact me.

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